Christian Faith Based Travel

Have you ever thought about taking your church on a Christian vacation to deepen faith and enrich your fellowship?

Does tracing the history of Christianity in places like the Holy Land, Jordan, Greece and Turkey, while joining in fellowship with your church sound like something you and your church community would enjoy?

Travel Two Thousand has partnered with the Globus Family of Brands to fulfill this wish.

Globus faith-based vacations can serve as a wonderful and vibrant part of your ministry; and putting them together is easier than you think. Click the links above and pick one you think would work best. Of course, since your tour will be private, customization of these prearranged trips is also a possibility. From then on, you spread the word and we will do the rest! From hosting a travel night at the church to creating free customized promotional materials, we are there to assist you along the way – from start to finish. All of the logistics and details are handled so you can devote yourself to the most important part of the vacation – bringing the Christian faith alive for your group travelers.

Faith-based travel also offers the following wonderful benefits:

  • Builds fellowship among members
  • Deepens the faith of members
  • Enriches the spiritual journey your members have already developed.
  • Develops a closer bond between pastors and members
  • Provides an opportunity to experience the Christian faith and sites first-hand
  • Blends faith with fun – cultural and historical sites, mixed with the religious sites of your faith
  • Faith based vacations make a wonderful fundraising opportunity – give back to your church and explore your faith at the same time!

The Globus family of brands is a world-class tour operator with more than 85 years of experience. They are specialists in religious travel, and faith based destinations. In addition to the destinations above, we would be happy to customize a tour focused on the religious sites your parish group is interested in. Our goal is to give your parish the best travel experience.

To set up a memorable trip for your church with an operator you can trust, please call us at (630) 645-9500 and discuss how easy it can be.