Affordable Corporate Group Cruise Rates

Are you looking to command attention, motivate performance, and generate outstanding results?
Do something different?
Try a corporate group cruise.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • A new and exciting travel experience. (People are motivated to cruise.)
  • Enhanced camaraderie from sharing a new travel experience. (Creates a bond with your organization).
  • Self-contained environment with a variety of function rooms for private events, attended by a "captive audience".
  • Gorgeous, ocean-view dining rooms, ample menu choices, and unlimited servings. (No limitations as with banquet meals.)
  • Highly personalized service, traditional aboard ships, nourishes egos of participants more than other types of travel.
  • Multiple destinations with minimal hassle. Virtually all-inclusive pricing provides better budget control.
  • Combines the pleasure of a resort hotel with the adventure of foreign travel.
  • Built-in activities program offers variety for participants, spouses, and kids without extra planning or cost.
  • Perceived as having a high value by attendees while costing less overall than a comparable land-based program.

Cruising to Accomplishment, 10 Ways

You can use a cruise for almost any type of incentive program, business event or professional meeting. Here are the most frequent choices for groups or individual travel:

  1. Incentive Cruise

    Group or individual cruises an be used as a motivational tool for employees, dealers, customers, or independent contractors to increase sales, service, or productivity.

  2. Customer Appreciation, Employee Recognition

    Cruising provides a productive setting in which to generate future business opportunities together. Or, when you’ve have a great year and want to thank the people who make it possible, consider the lasting value of a cruise instead of cash or merchandise.

  3. Business Meetings

    Innovate by Choosing a cruise for your annual meeting, board meeting, or sales conference.

  4. Conventions, Trade Shows, Product Launches

    With capacity for up to 3100 people, a ship is a convenient, self-contained venue that can add pizazz to increase attendance and control costs.

  5. Continuing Education, Association Conferences

    Programs for the medical, legal, and other professions can successfully use a cruise if the right ship and destination are selected.

  6. Executive Retreat

    If your organization is looking for a sea-change, you can count on a cruise delivering the results, you need, at any budget level.

  7. Consumer Incentives

    For a competitive edge, real estate companies, auto dealership, and others are motivating consumers to buy or try their products with special promotions: "Win a chance in a free cruise drawing, if you test drive our car" or "visit our new home models".

  8. Employee/Member Benefit Programs

    You can add another valuable benefit program for your employees or members at no cost to your organization.

  9. Fund Raisers

    Universities, hospitals and other organizations motivate donations through travel programs that earmark a portion of the cruise price for a worthy cause.

  10. Full-ship Charters and "Floating Hotels"

    For the ultimate cruise experience, charter a vessel for exclusive use by your organization. You can fly your own flag, customize the itinerary and daily events, even stage your own entertainment or awards ceremony. Ship capacities range from 50 to 3100 passengers.

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